Sunifiram Piracetam Adrafinil Aniracetam noopept phenibut experience

{:en}A bit of my history.
I’m 38 with really bad ADD. I’ve been a drug tourist, & extremely heavy drinker since 15. (Please don’t give me a lecture about how “dangerous” my start off with noots was, cause I’m not interested. Thank you.)
Always been really into art, philosophy, science, thought processes etc, as well as excess & debauchery.

I read an article on noots on The Daily Dot maybe a month ago & just HAD to try these things, so I started researching & got a gram of Sunifiram.
Ignored the dosing & took a bunch for 2 weeks. I was AMAZED from day 1 (still drinking a 12 pack a day after getting off night shift). My brain was on rapid fire mode the whole time. After 2 weeks of this awesomeness, it was too much coming in too fast, so I switched to Noopept. Started with 20 mg a couple times a day along with 500 mg phenibut& upped noop to 30. A week later. Again, neurons rapid firing.
After work I had a lot of time for self reflection, & meditating on my 23 year drinking problem. Last week, I dropped from 12 to 4 beers a day just instinctively.
I loved the brain surgery & sponge brain that I got from noop, but at the maxed out dose I was taking, I felt it hard to connect with people, & sex was the farthest thing from my mind (I didn’t even notice, but my old lady NEEDS her sexytime!)
Next I got some Piracetam started at 1-4 mg 3 times a day & Adrafinil at 600 mg before work & once more sometimes.
This seems perfect for my ADD & for getting through work.
I think I found my stack. Ordered some aniracetam to mix in outside of work, because I read it makes sexytime even better (more affectionate & connected) & enhances creativity.

AdrafinilOne last side note. Through all of this, halfway through noopept cycle, I added in l-theanine & plan on keeping it a constant as opposed to taking phenibut every day.

I can’t believe I just typed this whole thing. These things work.
I have lots more to write about effects on socialization, anxiety, & motivation, but this is long enough for now.

If you read this whole thing, thank you, & please leave comments