Short term memory and Noopept

Short term memory and NoopeptHas anyone noticed worsened short term memory under the influence of Noopept? Noopept has improved my perception of colors tremendously. I think I may have had damaged neurons in my visual cortex from years of dissociative anaesthetic abuse, a long time ago. When I started taking noopept I immediately noticed that colors seemed much more saturated. everything seemed much more 3 dimensional and my depth perception thus improved. noopept has also improved my reaction time. I don’t have to premeditate actions, my actions just sort of flow, including my speech. I used to have to think about the order in which I was going to accomplish tasks, or how I was going to phrase a sentence, but I don’t anymore. it just comes out. It has also improved my long term memory.
But my short term memory is somewhat worsened on noopept. It’s not to the point where it adversely affects my ability to function. Overall, my functioning is dramatically improved. I am actually just kind of interested in what might be going in the brain to where some long term memory is gained at the expense of short term memory. My theory is that it may be that short term memory begins being processed into long term memory much more rapidly and thus leaves short term memory faster than it usually would.