n-acetyl semax and coffee atypical experience

n-acetyl semax atypical experience
I thought I’d share my experience since it’s so different from all the other great experiences being posted. I only took it 3x over about a week and a half (not consecutive day. nasal 300 mcg spray, 1 spray per day
day 1 (drank my regular strong cup of coffee when I took it in the morning): I felt very stimulated for the first couple hours. The whole day I felt very negative and snappy and irritable
day 2 (decided to try without my coffee): didn’t notice any effect at all really, so finally ended up drinking my coffee because I was tired
day 3 (tried without coffee again)- Felt very mild stimulation and focus, but was tired so ended up drinking coffee
– does not help to uplift my mood at all, and makes me feel more irritable and less patient with people and a little tired

coffee atypical experienceThe weird/bad part is that the night after day 3 (not the same night), I had a weird experience when I was trying to go to sleep around 11:45 PM where I was WIDE awake, and my head had a feeling like it was pulsating, and my heart/chest felt like it was going fast and I had a weird tingling sensation in my body. It took me a couple hours to fall asleep because I was so abnormally wide awake and the weird sensations in my body. The only thing I had done differently than usual was to take the semax the day before, so I think it was from the Semax and now I’m scared to take it again. Anyone else had an experience similar to mine? My husband takes the same semax and it works great for him. He is seeing great results. I am so disappointed that it’s not working for me like for other people.