Selank Amidate makes selegiline and Moclobemide work better

{:en}SelankNA Selank Amidate definitely makes selegiline and Moclobemide work better. I guess it’s the restoration of dopamine because I notice after two or three days of starting selank up my sex drive is through the roof.
Tried subcutaneous oxytocin the past few days, not much to report besides maybe some increase in libido and a little more pep.
Trialing theacrine the next few days, will report back on it. Probably will mix with hydrafinil.
And finally, adding YK11 and Prami to my workout stack. I’m the biggest and strongest I’ve ever been and honestly love me some YK11 so I’m excited to see what the results are like with my current stack I’ve been taking.
12.5mg of MK677 is a perfect dose for me, the hunger is bareable and I wake up thinner each day.Moclobemide My muscle pumps are absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even run on the treadmill for 2 minutes before my calves feel like exploding. Honestly, I’m up 4 pounds (188.7) in 3 days. That’s pretty crazy and it isn’t fat or water weight because i still have a flat stomach. I was going to add in S4 because I’ve heard it compared to winny but I’m holding off on it for now. I have quite the workout stack and can’t afford the vision sides.