Piracetam Aniracetam Sulbutiamine Choline Bitartrate Stack

I’m a photographer and I’ve been taking Alpha Brain before big shoots for a while now. Sometimes up to 8 capsules to feel anything. My wallet can’t keep up with that. I researched and decided to make my own stack based on what each nootropic claims to achieve. Unfortunately since I’m not experienced, my concoction of nootropics has caused heavy brain fog over the past 48hrs. Words were being deleted as I was thinking them, I could not come up with simple terms weather speaking or typing. I couldn’t remember which light switch did what in my house. The most telling incident was I could not remember the name of the company I’ve been buying my workout supplements from for over three years. I highly doubt this is coincidental, even though it’s only been 48 hours or so of taking this stack. I encapsulated the ingredients because I think it’s awesome lol, but also because I didn’t want to mix everything up every time and take it with a fat source. My stack consists of the following:

Choline Bitartrate

PiracetamWhen I bought everything, I didn’t know choline Bitartrate was choline by BS lol. I eat eggs every morning so hopefully I get enough choline naturally, but I will be ordering CDP asap. It was my first time trying to make my own capsules so I only got 322-318mg per cap. I take them with either food, Mct oil or fish oil. I’m hoping it’s just a low dose and quality of choline causing my memory loss and fog. If my calculations are correct, my scale is fairly close, with taking four 322mg capsules at a time, my dosages are as follows:

Piracetam: 448mg
Aniracetam: 280mg
Sulbutiamine: 280mg
Choline: 280mg

My goal is to up my memory retention, boost creativity and have confidence and willingness to to be more out going when I have the camera in my hand. It will be tough this weekend as I am booked both days and since writing this, I couldn’t remember the words “consists” and “incident” and “coincidental”, which is scary since I love to write and normally this wouldn’t happen.