Asprosin, metabolism, metabolic disorders and biohacking

}metabolismThe more indepth I look at metabolism, metabolic disorders and biohacking…. The more I see everything is being controlled by our hormones, enzymes and nutritional status and less so by caloric measures.

Scientists have discovered a new hormone the body makes. (despite ohe current breadth of knowledge, we must surrender to the fact we dont completely understand metabolism)

This newly discovered hormone, Asprosin, was discovered in researching a rare disorder, Neonatal Progeroid disorder. This disorder keeps the body from accumulating fat despite caloric intake. They discovered that they were missing a hormone asprosin.

Asprosin is released by adipose tissue, traffics to the liver and stimulates release of glucose into the blood.

So in the opposite of NPS, thosu with high levels of asprosin developed obesity and diabetes, high blood glucose and high insulin.

Using this information doctors created an asprosin antibody to neutralize asprosin via immunogenic sequestration. This, in diabetic mice, reduces glucose release, lowered insulin and over several treatments reduced insulin resistance completely. Curing or reversing diabetes.

There is not necessarily a biohack currently we could use with this knowledge, but rather something we can look for in the future. But mostly, this is a reminder that we still have many unknown biological aspects to discover, and we truly do not know everything, yet.