ADHD treatment with antioxidant medicines and supplements

I have a friend putting her kid on stupid ADHD meds, I’ve been researching to see exactly how his body can be protected. So far I’ve gleaned this:

The theory behind neurotoxicity in these medicines and supplements is due to all the dopamine production which is fairly reactive. The oxidized metabolite of dopamine damages synaptic terminals of dopaminergic neurons, causing them to no longer release dopamine. It’s my further understanding that the oxidative byproducts can also damage other parts of the body instead of treatment. 

ADHD treatmentIt it were my kid, these are some things I would consider. Please feel free to correct anything I’ve got wrong here and make further suggestions. These aren’t necessarily in the Nootropics class so I’m less familiar with how they work.

Primarily needed are antioxidants: brain and liver protection and a mix is needed since antioxidants focus on different parts of the body.

1. Vitamin C: Neutralizes free radicals in the blood and other antioxidants rely on it to function

2. Vitamin E: Protects fatty areas of body such as walls of blood vessels

3. ALA: Protects Cell Membrane and inner cell, also a cofactor for glutathione production so includes liver protection

4. CoEnzyme Q10 (ubiquinone): Protects mitochondria

5. Beta Carotene: Mitochondrial Protection

6. ALCAR: Protects walls of Mitochondria

7. Curcumin: Powerful antioxodant. Blocks CREB (major reason for tolerance). Protects brain against apoptosis.

8. Brain Antioxidants: ALA, ALCAR, Melatonin

8a. Melatonin: Protects and Repairs Liver

9. PQQ: Neurotoxicity Protection

10. Aspirin: Antioxidant, brain protection

11. Ginkgo: Vasodilation (stimulants cause vasoconstriction)

12. GABA promoters (ex: picamilon, ASH, Bacopa): Vasodilation

13. Uridine & Forskolin: Upregulate D-Receptors

14. Piracetam: Enhances bioavailability of oxygen in the brain thereby reducing hypoxic damage

15. Milk Thistle, NAC: Reduce Liver damage by increasing glutathione

16. Vitamin D: Upregulated GDNF production which protects against Neurotoxicity.

17. Flavanoids: Help reduce inflammation in arterial walls caused by oxidized LDL cholesterol

18. Increase NGF and BDNF production: Phosphatydilserine, AGPC, Noopept

19. Phenylalanine: Starting point to help replenish neurotransmitters

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