NSI-189 : review, effects, experience, where to buy online

NSI-189 effectsReview of NSI-189

NSI-189 is a trail-phase depression treatment that Neuralstem, Inc. is actively studying. Learn all the facts about NSI-189’s possible uses in the following review:

NSI-189 Description

NSI-189 remains in the trial phase and isn’t yet available in the market. Neuralstem, Inc. is actively researching the drug before releasing it.

Do not dismiss NSI-189s as just another dubious, low-quality nootropic smart drug. The US government has a keen interest in NSI-189. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding research into NSI-189, as is the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The drug interests both organizations due to its potential to treat major depressive disorder.

Some believe that DARPA’s interest stems from the possibility of helping soldiers to stay awake and remain alert while on active duty.

With a systematic name of (4-Benzylpiperazin-1-yl)-[2-(3-methylbutylamino)pyridin-3-yl]methanone it is natural that the drug has a shortened name: NSI-189.

NSI-189 has the chemical formula C22H30N4O.

At present NSI-189 is an unscheduled drug and no major organization in the world has yet given it an official classification.

NSI-189 reviewIf and when the drug is released, it will be administered as an oral formulation. Be aware that any NSI-189 on sale online today is being sold illegally. Neuralstem, Inc. is the drug’s patent holder and has not yet released an NSI-189 product commercially. The company’s legal team issues cease-and-desist letters whenever the drug is found for sale over the internet.

How NSI-189 works

With the drug still the subject of active research, there are many gaps in our knowledge of how it acts. But tests on adult mice show that NSI-189 can increase hippocampal volume by 20%.

Further in vitro and in vivo studies on human hippocampal stem cells show that NSI-189 stimulates the formation of new brain cells – neurogenesis.

The importance of this result is that the hippocampus is the part of the brain that consolidates short-term memories into long-term memories.

The hippocampus is also critical for mood regulation and spatial navigation.

The implication is that NSI-189 could improve memory, spatial cognition and mood. That is what makes people, from top scientists to regular Joes, so enthusiastic about the drug.

Medical Proof of NSI-189’s Effects

NSI-189 has been the subject of several clinical trials, including some involving people.

Phase 1 clinical trials of the drug were completed in 2011. That initial study involved administering the drug to 35 healthy volunteers. The randomized and placebo-controlled study tested the safety and tolerability of NSI-189. Its purpose was not to measure its efficacy. Neuralstem, Inc. led the study under the oversight of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The results of this clinical trial have not yet been made public.

In 2012 a phase 1B clinical trial began, and it completed in July 2014. This trial interrogated the effectiveness of NSI-189 at treating major depressive disorder. In the study twenty-four patients with previously-established major depressive disorder experienced symptomatic relief when dosed with 40 or 80mg/day, but 120mg/day dosage produced no additional benefits.

Potential NSI-189 Uses

While scientific evidence for NSI-189’s effects is sparse at present, researchers believe the drug could play an important role in treating diverse brain function disorders, including:

– Traumatic Brain Injury
– Stroke
– Alzheimer’s Disease
– Major Depressive Disorder
– PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
– Age-Related Decline of Memory and Cognitive Functions

NSI-189 experienceNSI-189 users experience
While drug is officially not distributed elsewhere some users already review it over the web:
There are a ton of products out there. Nsi-189 could help your depression and brain fog but it takes a couple weeks to take effect. Piracetam is the first nootropic ever created and may be a good starting place. As far as premade stacks I’ve only tried    one that actually works and its not cheap. Cortex. Its cheaper to make your own stacks but you will need a mg scale. I recommend starting with one product to see how it effects you before going to a stack. Otherwise you might have a bad reaction and not know which product is the culprit. Welcome to the world of nootropics. You can beat depression and anxiety with nootropics. My fiance has quit depakote and celexa using nsi-189, fasoracetam and coluracetam. The nsi for depression and memory. The faso for anxiety and focus and the coluracetam for anxiety and depression as well.
I’ve been taking for about a month. One major thing I’ve noticed is that I’m able to deal with things better. I’m able to focus on what I’m doing much easier without brain fog. Some people report insomnia if they take it at night. I take it before bed and have never had a problem. I recently switched to it during the day. The results take time to develop, at least a couple weeks.
I’ve combined NSI with just about everything and have been fine. Some people act   like you have to be super careful with this substance, as if NSI + any stimulant will make you super emotional or cause problems. No. On my most stacked days, I’ve been doing:

20 mg NSI 189 (every day)
200 mg caffeine (4 times per week)
1600 mg NAC
Fish Oil
Not a single problem. I had some anxiety issues when my NSI-189 dosage was at 40 mg, but that was in total isolation of caffeine. Also, it took several weeks for those problems to occur. NSI may also give you a a numbed feeling in your extremities. I don’t have those problems at 20 mg. I just have a mild reduction in sex drive, but as a guy with impulse control issues, I welcome this effect.
NSI also DEFINITELY gives a subjective feeling of well-being that is not too dissimilar from Tianeptine. (However, this effect is from cumulative dosing, not acute.) You may not notice it until you stop dosing NSI for a week or so. But it definitely helps me feel better day-to-day.
I started at 33mg which made a gram last a month. I have moved up to 40mg after 2 months of 33mg but I don’t think it was necessary. The benefits seem the same at either dose. More is not necessarily better.


I’ve been using nsi about a week I also take 10 mg memantine, tianeptine helps to take the edge off adjustment anxiety so take it after.Noopept goes well with this, fasoracetam, you need choline and bvits also. PRL-8-53 is supposed to have great synergy, I have ordered some ill let you know how this goes. I read . a low dose of moclobemide is good too. Scan through lots of information. I have also been stacking small amounts bromantane with it. My first two days were the best I have had in years now kinda levelling out as before. I ll cut back on other noots. I am up to 40mg. I split in 2 doses for first 2 days so may be that’s it. Green tea is good also. No brain fog. Feeling happier just bit of anxiety. There is stuff on YouTube from the makers of nsi about the trials, guy on lounge said it should be taken for 90 as per the trials carried out. So hang in there I’m rooting for ya. I’m talking it because of damage brought on by ptsd.

Where to buy NSI – 189 online?

As the sale of NSI-189 remains illegal for all distributors, the substance can’t officially be recommended to anyone. There are no any online pharmacy where you can buy it. Hopefully Neuralstem will soon launch this promising medical product.

NSI 189 alternatives

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