N-Acetyl Selank vs N-Acetyl Semax review and experience


N-Acetyl Selank vs N-Acetyl-Semax. TL;DR: I cannot say that I have been able to review these compounds directly for a couple of reasons, but NA Selank 300mcg, from Limitless Life Nootropics, for me, is incredibly nootropic, anxiolitic, and adaptogenic.

I bought NA Selank with 300mcg sprays from Limitless Life Noots. I received the bottle yet the ice pack was long melted (stating the obvious). The first spray pump I received was faulty and would not spray correctly every time. When I ordered with overnight delivery, the Selank solution was pre-mixed and arrived ready-to-use. After communication with the vendor, they sent me another pump with a little extra Selank for the hassle. It arrived as the un-mixed version of peptide and solution separate. This un-mixed version is a characterization of Limitless Life Nootropics. As of this writing they are the only vendor I’m aware of that sells it like this. The reasoning behind it is to preserve the peptide, similar to why the ice pack is used: to prevent temperature spikes as best as possible. Interesting concept, more on this later with Semax.

I mixed up the solution and the spray bottle worked very well this time. I am sure that I can feel Selank within 5-10 minutes. My usual dose was through the day 1 or 2x 300mcg sprays in the morning, 1x 300mcg spray mid-day, and 1x 300mcg later, if necessary. I found it odd spraying it at work, but I found times and space to do it discretely.

N-Acetyl SemaxNA Selank, for me, works very well. I just feel, “normal.” Let me explain. Thoughts for me seem to go through a process internally, to feelings, to then expressions. Sometimes the processor (me) gets in the way and filters them so they don’t become expressions. It seems to be an anxiety, a nervousness, whatever, and I miss out on living or expressing and then things pass and I’m like so when I was using Selank, I was smiling, I was very natural, relaxed, aware… the awareness and clarity over everything was incredible. Selank seemed to prevent “mood tangles” where I get roused, or whatever mood such as happy, and I could just simply see that clearly as a feeling and not be tangled up in it with mental energy. It was like an anchor for the real me, and these things I experienced would just simply pass. This made my stress drop dramatically, I was able to handle making decisions much more accurately to the benefit of the long-term, I was promoted while using Selank, I had sleep deprivation during training for 2 weeks of a flip-flopped schedule at work, handled it, even worked 14 hours of overtime one of those weeks. Because I could, easily.

So then I buy N-Acetyl Semax 100mcg. I was hesitant because people talk about Semax as “stimulating.” Relative to Selank I wanted to have more of a relaxing experience, as I have muscle tension that I believe was founded by injury and now-created by my neuro-psychology and muscle patterns. Anyways, I bought it this time with standard shipping from Limitless Life Nootropics. It arrived 2 days later quick as hell, from Alabama to Oregon, as the non-mixed version as expected. My first thoughts when looking at the container of peptide, “that’s 10mg?” and to me it looked like the peptide was almost clear or something, even “melted” to my ignorant eyes. My first thoughts when handling the spray bottle with solution in it was “there’s a little leak and the paper label is wet and my hands have ink on them.” I rubbed off the entire label and I mixed it up and sprayed 2x 100mcg one in each nostril and went off to work. N-Acetyl Selank

I don’t get too much from Semax that I can pin down. It seems to take 20-30 minutes to feel effects, and I do sometimes feel more clear, sometimes wanting to open up for conversation and my verbal fluency is there, but I guess I was expecting something else. Not too sure. I still have half a bottle left and use it every day right now as I’m still looking at it. I kind of even feel delirious or something with Semax. It reminds me of the feeling of being drunk and wobbly, or even the feeling I get with phenibut+caffeine where’s it’s like, “Damn, Tyler, you’re on that level” which I don’t necessarily enjoy on the day-to-day. I don’t take much, 2 or 3x 100mcg sprays in a day, and experimented with a bit more without much notice of difference. There has been a sense of well-being, but it isn’t as anchored as Selank. I could see using this once in a while for something like a speech, or other such things, but every day use, Selank was for me. However, I know I can’t compare apples to apples with this one due to dosage and also the shipping method: overnight/pre-mixed vs standard/un-mixed