Aniracetam, noopept, choline and fish oil stack

{:en}So far I have been having good results and my concentration in college has gone up which has done wonders for me. My Stack below consists of:
•Aniracetam 750 mg
•noopept (twice a day): 10mg morning and 10mg in night.
• vitamin and fish oil in night
•choline source

noopeptAny suggestions you guys might have that I can make my stack better? add or take away?
Lastly can i take this stack everyday and what are the longterm effects of these racetams on the brain? I assume they are shortterm because they have half lives such as others as well.

I have an increase in focus, increase in drive so that feels good. I feel a bit “stuck” and “lazy” overslept and went late to class and little things are holding me back but overall my drive has increased and that is due to the environment i am in as well as my daily meditation cbt (10mins) and its just different cuz I interact with people way more succinct, and positive.{:}{:es}Hasta ahora he estado teniendo buenos resultados y mi concentración en la universidad ha subido maravillas que ha hecho por mí. Mi pila de abajo consta de:
• El aniracetam 750 mg
• noopept (dos veces al día): 10 mg y 10 mg por la mañana en la noche.
• vitaminas y aceite de pescado en la noche
• fuente de colina