Selegiline, Moclobemide, Memantine against OCD, ADHD, GAD and Social Anxiety

{:en}Social AnxietyBefore I got into Nootropics I suffered from debilitating OCD, ADHD, and terrible GAD and Social Anxiety. I can say that Memantine toned it down by 70% but it was still there. Recently I decided to start Moclobemide with Memantine and had an even further reduction in my symptoms. I did a few cycles of NSI189 and NA Semax Amidate and NA Selank Amidate which made impressive changes to my cognition and my mentality. I started be able to go up to random people and start conversations and I made a ton of friends this semester and have met many girls. My life couldn’t get much better yet I still suffered from some Approach anxiety.
Recently I decided to take Selegiline daily with my Moclobemide and Memantine at 1.5mg sublingual as well as going on TRT. I can honestly say my symptoms are 99% gone. I feel so much better and so much more alive. I have never been,happier or more,confident my whole life. My memory is on point and my ADHD is non existent. I don’t need many Nootropics now, I simply take Selegiline, Moclobemide, Memantine, Tianeptine, NA Semax Amidate and NA Selank amidate. I have tons of Nootropics laying around now and really have no use for them.
I just started taking the selegiline daily a few days ago rather than once a week so I know the effects are going to get better from this point forward. I really recommend Moclobemide and Memantine for anyone who suffers from OCD and SA. It has almost completely cured me. The selegiline combination is best left to the advanced Nootropic users.
The only,issue im having now is that I’m so excited for each day that I cannot sleep, other than some insomnia, I literally couldn’t ask for a better feeling in life.Selegiline
My OCD was so bad and I’ll explain what my,symptoms were though I am,very embarrassed but,
Constant hand washing (germophobia)
Walking in and out of doors and turning on and off lights a certain number of times
Constant, repetitive intrusive thoughts.
Tapping things a certain number of times to equal certain calculations
I also had compulsive drug abuse…. Never was addicted but binged out every now and then. I no longer feel any need to get into a different head space and have bottles of Ritalin and,valium that are full at the house since November.