Elavil, remeron, welbutrin, paxil and ADHD. Experience

{:en}Social anxiety has always been a drawback in my life. through high school and university i have almost always been alone, no friends and not social with anyone.
remeronMy doctor thought i had depression so he gave me elavil and remeron. these two combined gives me a great night of sleep and also helped in the depression side but has done nothing to the social anxiety side. Because of the sedative effects of elavil and remeron he also introduced me welbutrin once in the morning.
Some months ago he also prescribed me Paxil. after taking it for some weeks, i got some mixed results. the social anxiety was gone but paxil also killed my motivation and emotions. I didnt want to do anything at all, not thinking about work, job and family. the worst of all happened when one day my wife cried on the phone and i just started laughing. after that i thought there was something wrong with medicine so i quit it.

I was introduced to a Psychiatry to find out if i had ADHD.She told me that i had mostly social anxiety but also very week ADHD due to the loss of interests in activity, law energy and loss of motivation.Elavil
This Friday i have an appointment with her to discuss about a possible medicine.

I don´t want to take any other SSRI. I will be glad if you take your time and give any advice or suggestion on what should i expect or ask for