THE anti-noot par excellence: Neuroleptics

Since there are often discussions about psychological health in, I’d like to share my experiences about “THE” anti-noot par excellence: Neuroleptics.
Christmas is coming and I think I am not the only one who faces a lot of stress and maybe insomnia. All my other sleep aids didn’t help and I thought: maybe I could try Seroquel again. I tried it some years before and it wasn’t the right substance at this moment (made me do weird things). On the other hand I just could have had a bad episode of life.Neuroleptics
Anyway… about the side effects. I leave them out. They can be horrible, especially for your metabolism (is supposed to trigger diabetes)
The first time I took it, it knocked me out so bad, I had trouble to stand straight while peeing xD. I had to sleep so damn much!
2 years have passed by and I never touched Seroquel again. Took it last week and expected the knock-out effect. Nothing happened. First thing that made me worrying.
How can a drug affect my tolerance after two years never taking it???
My sleep latency has been lowered though and I was finally able to sleep.
What I find also interesting is the fact that it made me less irritable during the day even though I took it in the evening and half life is only 12 hours. I mean, I am aware that neuroleptics can have an antidepressant effect in low doses, but it’s not the same effect i get from low dosed SSRI’s or tricyclics. Also, I got the urge to do sports which usually doesn’t happen. And I was able to do things I normally procrastinate because I haven’t found the optimal strategy to get stuff done the right way (avoidant personality). Also, I feel like having a normal „male aggression“ which I didn’t have before and at the same time I am more clear minded but I doubt someone external sees a difference.