Sunifiram – Nootropic Review of Side Effects, Dosage, Stacks

What is Sunifiram?

It is one of the modern nootropics in the market; it belongs to the ampakine supplement family. It enhances one’s learning abilities, decision making and attention span. It’s believed that it works better than Piracetam; it is much potent in comparison. They structure are the same, but others have reported that Sunifiram is 1000 times potent. It can be compared to Noopept in terms of potency.

It’s a memory enhancer, can be used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. It offers a wide range of benefits such as: improved focus, enhanced attention span and improved learning potential. Because of these benefits it has become very famous since its releasing. It has minimal side effects.

Dosage of Sunifiram

sunifiramIt is extremely potent in the market of smart drugs. Small dosages should be taken. It works better when taken as sublingually. This implies that users put it under their tongues for administration. It is a little scoop of powder. Many uses have experienced little tingling, as their can with a breath mint. Ingestion is also easy.

Begin with the smallest dosage, noticing how you feel. Many users have reported that the effects are felt within the first hour of administration. You can increase the dose after a week of administration. Don’t exceed ten milligrams. Administer it sparingly or you can choose to cycle your dosage. This implies that you are able to cycle ‘on’ and ‘off.’ Distributing out your doses over the week and then having a break from your doses.

If you are always getting headaches when using this drug, stack it with a choline supplement. This supplement is non-toxic nootropics that offer to fuel your brain requirements to produce acetylcholine.

History of Sunifiram

It was developed in the year 2000, and it is one of the modern nootropics in the market. The initial studies conducted, demonstrated it as a memory enhancing substance. It has been available in the market for the last few years or so.

There are many reviews that have been written by its users, free from any serious complications. It is one of the most famous ampakine for nootropics users. This is due to the many benefits that it offers. Research is being carried out concerning its clinical uses.

Sunifiram Side Effects

It is generally concerned as a safe product when it is compared to many other over-the-counter nootropics. It has relatively minimal side effects because of its potency indicate that it should be taken in small doses. It should be taken into account that side effects can occur as different bodies respond differently to Sunifiram.

Using a large dose for the first time can be helpful to improve effectiveness with many other nootropics but not for Sunifiram. Using too much may result to brain over stimulation.

There have been no reported dangerous side effects as of date and there are no studies that have shown very adverse harmful outcomes either. Nonetheless, it is necessary to point out that when taking any new kind of supplement or drug, there can be some side effects. With Sunifiram powder, here are some of the possible side effects seen as the effects wear off:

There have been no adverse side effects that have been reported as to date or studies that are been carried out reporting dangerous side effects. With Sunifiram powder here are some possible side effects identified:

l Anxiety

l Jitters

l Nausea

l Indigestion

l Restlessness

l Headaches

l Increased perspiration

It is suggested to be used along side other medication without you consulting you doctor or a physician because this can result to advanced negative effects. Because it is water soluble it is not suitable to be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is not for use as an alternative to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder medication particularly for kids.

Benefits of Sunifiram

It offers a wide range of cognitive enhancing effects. If you a college or university student looking for an improved memory or a better focus, Sunifiram is the best opinion for you. Here are some benefits you will expert when using Sunifiram.

 1.Motivation and enhanced energy levels

Sunifiram will boost your energy. It will also improve your motivation and mood levels, by lowering dopamine deterioration in the brain. Majority of the people require more than just a focus and a memory boost, but they will always require a motivation boost too. Sunifiram is one of the smart drugs that will offer that boost.

2.Increased concentration

Do you wish to focus more on the task at hand? One of the must famous side effects of Sunifiram is that it lowers your ability to be agitated by external stimuli. This is the reason why it’s highly used by college campuses and at a competitive workplace.

  1. Enhanced working memory

It was initial designed as a memory boosting, cognitive improver. Early studies have reported a strong link between Sunifiram usage and enhanced short-term memory, also referred to us working memory. Some users have reported that they hear information once and then they are able to recall if later. Sometime they couldn’t do early.

Long-Term Side Effects

Long term use of Sunifiram has got serious side effect to your liver. This could result from liver toxicity because of the drug breakdown. This is considered a stimulant. It causes an increase in the enzymes of the liver this can be very dangerous.

Other effects are such as; skin conditions like toxic epidermal and DRESS syndrome. But this side effect is very minimal. But you should ensure to talk to a doctor when you notice such kind of symptoms.

Short term side effects

Many people experience these side effects when using this drug like sweating, nausea, restless, and headaches. If you are always getting headaches when using this drug, stack it with a choline supplement. This supplement is non-toxic nootropics that offer to fuel your brain requirements to produce acetylcholine.

Sunifiram Stacks

If you desire to make the effects more strong, you can consider stacking it using Piracetam or oxiracetam. Most people see positive outcomes with a 1:1 ratio of Noopepr to Sunifiram powder. Finally, chorine supplements will make sure that your cholinergic receptors don’t lack acetylcholine to influence the memory improving benefits.

Research of Sunifiram

Most say that Sunifiram make the more alert, it works much in enhancing your concentration. It does not make you to feel anxious but it makes you feel that you are in control. It helps you learn and assimilate information with easy. Ampakinas promote rapid synaptic transmissions, this is the reason why you are able to learn new ideas and store more information in your memory. It is ideal for studying because of its speed and plasticity, and offering brain stimulation for college and university students who require brain power.


If you a college or university student looking for an improved memory or a better focus, Sunifiram is the best opinion for you. Because it will enhance your alertness, memory and makes you awake for a long time.