n-acetyl semax amidate phenylpiracetam review and experience

{:en}Anyone have much experience with n-acetyl semax amidate? Today was the third day and think I’ll probably take a 2-4 day break. I had a slightly uncomfortable overstimulation last night that oddly seemed to build up through the day (think of a gong that gets louder and louder until it sharply drops off altogether).
n-acetyl semaxFirst day I dosed once later in the day. Second day I dosed around 6:30 when I got up and again at noon and one last time around 3:30. By the end of the night I was highly stimulated and from 10pm till about midnight the feeling increased then around 1:30 or so, dog tired I passed out.
Some relevant information that just came to mind. It MAY have been more so the combination of phenylpiracetam and n-acetyl semax amidate that was the culprit. The first day I took 100mg once the second day I dosed 200 mg, once in the morning and again around amidate phenylpiracetamnoon but today I’m not having the same almost uncomfortably speedy feeling.
I do like it because the motivation factor is undeniable. I feel it’s better for motivation than focus but  great for writing. I sort of feel like pramiracetam for instance is great for coordination type tasks and focus and energy but blunts creativity a bit, not so with NASA or the phenyl-p/NASA combo. Had the Ventures (60’s surf rock) on earlier listening to Apache and then Wipe-out and unconsciously beating percussion through the keyboard seemed to spur me on.